Anonymous: what's this pretty little whores url? I might want a bite of that

No, go away. Don’t call her a whore.

Anonymous: so basically she was your pretty little whore??? am i missing something or am I spot on

No, the whole talk about sex makes me extremely uncomfortable. She’s the only person in a very long time who I was and still am comfortable with doing something like that so therefore we would did stuff if we so pleased. We didn’t actually touch each other since it was long distance. Tbh, we actually stopped for quite a while because we decided hey, we’ve seen each other enough to know what it looks like, is there really any point in sending more stuff? Not really. She made me happy in more ways than one and yes we had a very complicated relationship. She had substance problems and I was trying to help her with everything. In the end, she made me the happiest even if she treated me shitty sometimes. I have no right to say it was one sided because I also treated her shitty as well. She was not some whore, she was not some slut, she was not some sex object. She was my girlfriend who I loved very much and tbh I still do. Unlike a lot of people, she didn’t try to change me and she accepted who I was. We fought a lot and yes, most of it was fights about the substance problems and some issues with other people, but she still treated me better than anyone else has. She was there for me when I was sad, she would tell me these funny stories and try to always make me smile and laugh. She even got clean for me and I regret hurting her. So no, she isn’t a whore. Don’t call her that name ever again. 

Anonymous: another good question ;) which one made you the horniest during your relationship?

UHM LOL The last one again. haha

She knew how to turn me on and she still probably does.

Anonymous: haha which one of your exes had the best body in your opinion. this is probably my favorite question to ask.

uhm.. lol. uhm.. tbh my last one. She had the perfect body and idk lol

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